“Homelab” is a 45 meter square apartment reproducing a real living environment and equipped with an automated system allowing for environmental control.

Our expertise

Evaluation of products and/or services with visually impaired people in a real environment

Evaluation of visual search strategies or oculo-manual coordination tasks representing everyday life in an apartment

Our assets

Integrated automated system controlling light intensity and colour temperature

Non–invasive participants’ observation via a network of cameras (Observer XT device, Noldus)

Optical motion capture system: Optitrack © cameras

Some accomplishments

• Testing of Smartphone and Tablet Applications: application for the preparation of a journey on public transport. The “Homelab” allows the recreation of a realistic living environment.

• Assessment of oculo-manual coordination including location of objects in space and grasping (grasping of everyday objects) in an ecological context (kitchen, bathroom, living room)

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