This simulator allows an immersion in a realistic urban virtual environment. The participant can navigate within the virtual world in which moving pedestrians and cars, as well as static objects, can be incorporated. Thanks to eye-tracking and head-tracking measurements, visual field deficiencies such as those produced by Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD) can be simulated in real-time to the participant. The low vision simulator can be used for virtual prototyping of products geared towards visually impaired people and for visual impairment awareness.

Our expertise

Low vision immersion in a realistic urban environment

Simulation of several types of visual field deficits with configuration of the level of severity

Virtual experiments with measurement of head and eye movements

Protocol evaluation

Visual Impairment Awareness

Our assets

Real-time control of the visual deficit

Eye movement measurement with eye tracker Eye Link II (SR-Research)

Head movement measurement with the IS-900 sensor (InterSense)

3-DLP projector that can display at up to 120 Hz

Screen covering 60° field of view

Some accomplishments

Evaluation of the functionalities of a digital glasses device for visually impaired people as part of the Descartes project.

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