Auxivision, the first application dedicated to the visually impaired and their caretakers

How to withdraw money from a cash machine ? How to identify and choose your clothes ? These simple everyday activities become complicated acts to perform for a visually impaired person. The role of relatives and close friends is important, but the lack of training can increase their difficulties.

To simplify their day-to-day lives, and with the support of the Agrica Group, Streetlab, a subsidiary of the Vision Institute, and Dowino, a digital creation studio, are joining forces and launching the first community-based application gathering all the essential information for people with visual impairments and their caretakers.


Rich content, written by experts

Auxivision brings together a wealth of information in the understanding of visual impairment, as well as tips and practical tools designed to make daily life easier for caretakers and those being helped. All content is written by experts from Streetlab, a subsidiary of the Vision Institute in Paris, one of the leading European research centres specialising in visual diseases.



The gathering together of a whole community

Thanks to the forum area, users have the opportunity to share their advice and feedback on everyday issues, but also to seek help from the community on a given topic. An “Experts Advice” module completes these exchanges by allowing the community to ask questions directly to specialists invited and selected by Streetlab.


An accessible and playful application

Auxivision is totally configurable in terms of visual accessibility (possibility to modify the contrast and the size of the text) and is compatible with the most common speech synthesis software. A playful aspect allows the user to feel involved in the community because, depending on their actions in the application, it unlocks many different successes !




A free and multi-platform application

Registration to the application and access to information on vision, practical information and the forum are free. The purchase of a Premium account (4.99 €) is necessary to access the tips and the “Experts Advice” module. The application is multi-platform. It is available now on the web ( and on tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android.