Placing the user at the heart of the design of a product or service

The regulatory context created by the disability law of February 2005, and the current demographic evolution, encourages the design and marketing of innovative products and services for the benefit of the visually impaired and, more generally, the elderly.

In order to better meet their needs Streetlab strives to give the end user a more important role, beyond a simple validation, by placing them at the heart of the product or service design process.

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Some accomplishments


In order to safeguard driving for seniors and the early stage visually impaired, the Streetlab team developed and evaluated an innovative driver assistance interface designed to help this target group when driving.
This augmented reality interface alerts the driver to the detection of a vehicle in their blind spot by displaying visual signals on the driving environment. The results of the studies that were carried out show a contribution to driving safety of this interface as compared to a conventional interface.


How to withdraw money from a cash machine? How to identify and choose your clothes? These simple daily life activities become complicated acts to perform for a visually impaired person. The role of friends and family is paramount but the absence, or lack, of training can increase their difficulties.

Streetlab in collaboration with Dowino, a digital creation studio based in Lyon, launched Auxivision; the first cross-platform community application that brings together all the essential information for visually impaired people and their helpers.

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