Low vision platform with various equipment enabling visual assessments and in-depth functional visual evaluation within the context of participation in a study.

Our expertise

Complete exploration of the participants' vision

Qualified people for performing the examinations (optometrist and orthoptist)

Our assets


Close link with the Quinze-vingts Hospital

High-performance measuring instruments

Available equipment

ETDRS Measurement of Visual Acuity

Pelli Robson scale for contrast sensitivity

Self-refractometer and corrective lens boxes

Octopus 900 visual field perimeter (kinetic and static visual field)

Maculogix adaptometer and Metrovision

MonPackOne (Metrovision): Contrast sensitivity curve, glare tests, visual acuity tests etc

OCT-SLO OPKO OTI device enabling OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and microperimetry

Our participants

Participants undergoing visual assessments for clinical research studies are voluntary. Streetlab benefits from an important database of more than 1200 participants (500 visually impaired). In addition, some participants diagnosed with various eye diseases are recruited via the Quinze-vingts Hospital.