The “Artificial Street” is an in-door platform simulating an urban environment in which applied and fundamental research projects are carried out by Streetlab’s team and / or researchers of the Institute of Vision.

This space offers a unique and safe environment:
• Realistic decorations, modular and configurable elements
• Sound effect library, sound spatialisation
• Light configuration in terms of intensity and colour temperature (0-2000 Lux, 2700-6500 K)
• Optical motion sensors: High accuracy and sensitivity
• Inertial motion sensors: Light and mobile
• Oculometer to analyse gaze strategies
• Adjustable cameras to track and record experiments from the control room

Our expertise

Creation of evaluation protocols in controlled and reproducible environmental conditions

Behaviour analysis during tasks involving locomotion, localisation in space, reaching and grasping objects and facial recognition

Expertise in technological tools for motor and visual behaviour analyses

Our assets

Visual immersion

Auditory immersion

Advanced light control

Movement analysis: Biometric sensors (Vicon cameras)

Gaze analysis: Oculometer (Mocaplab, SMI, Ergoneers)

Some accomplishments

• Evaluation of the therapeutic benefit of retinal implants linked to daily life activities.

• Evaluation of locomotion (obstacle avoidance, walking, etc.) in patients diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa under different lighting conditions. In this study, the analysis of the motor behaviour was performed using a motion capture system (Vicon).

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