Static simulator consisting of three 65-inch screens covering a 180° visual field. A scenario editor enables the design of driving situations in different 3D environments (countryside, city, motorway, racing circuit, etc.). Vehicles’ behaviour can be autonomous or programmed to meet specific needs.

Our expertise

Driving situation scenarios

Vehicle data analysis

Driving behaviour analysis

Our assets

Driving immersion in different environments (urban, motorway, countryside or motor racing circuit)

Large visual field

Scenario editing (SCANeR, developed by Oktal SA)

Wide choice of 3D environments

Head and eye movement measurements with SMI eye tracking glasses and Optitrack

Driver Assistance System Assessment (ADAS)

Some accomplishments

• Development and evaluation of new advanced driver-assistance interfaces for seniors called “ADVISE”. The interfaces were evaluated on the driving simulator with elderly subjects. The study results show that the interface contributes to safer driving compared to a conventional interface.

• Assessment of degraded vision on driving under racing conditions. In this study, tests on the simulator were conducted with racing drivers under various degraded visual conditions.

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