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VR Room

Immersing in tasks inspired by everyday life, safely, while controlling visual settings and measuring performance.


  • Measurement of functional vision
  • Development of realistic tasks inspired by daily life
  • Fine control of experimental parameters (luminance, contrast)

Extra benefits

  • Precise behavioral measurement
  • Custom development
  • Measurement of adaptive strategies of visually impaired people
  • Exportable solutions


MOST-VR (MObility STandardized Task in Virtual Reality)

MOST-VR is a new mobility performance measurement tool designed to measure disease progression and therapeutic benefit in inherited retinal diseases.

Publication : Authié et al., 2023Development and validation of a novel mobility test for IRDs, from reality to virtual reality. medrxiv.

ViSA (Visual Search Assessment)

ViSA measures the visual search performance of patients with peripheral vision deficits.

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