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State-of-the-art Mobility Testing for Inherited Retinal Diseases

A test using Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Calibrated against physical test
  • Precise control over experimental parameters
  • Quick and safe assessments
  • Consistent results across various centers

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A validated and sensitive outcome

  • A realistic task inspired by daily life
  • Detailed measurement of functional vision
  • Captures patient challenges
  • Sensitive to change in visual function
  • Minimizes learning effects

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A VR solution for global use

  • Two-day setup for installation, validation, and training
  • Automated performance assessment with a quality check reading center
  • User-friendly for site personnel
  • Interface available in multiple languages

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A new mobility performance measurement tool designed to measure disease progression and therapeutic benefit in inherited retinal diseases

A test using Virtual Reality

We designed and validated MOST in both physical and virtual reality settings. VR offers fine control over experimental parameters such as luminance and contrast for tailored assessments, ensures fast and safe evaluations, suitable for various conditions, and guarantees reproducibility across different centers

Participant performance in the physical and VR versions of MOST are highly correlated (Authié et al., 2024, AJO)
VR experience enjoyable*
Representative of difficulties in daily life*

*Authié et al., 2024, AJO

A validated and sensitive outcome

MOST-VR offers a valid and sensitive measurement of functional vision through a mobility task that reflects daily activities, accurately capturing the mobility challenges patients encounter. It provides a mobility performance score that is responsive to changes in visual function, while effectively reducing learning effects.

A VR solution for global use

MOST-VR is a globally-ready VR solution that streamlines setup, validation, and training into just two days. Its automated assessment and quality control are user-friendly for site staff, with an interface in English, French, and Italian, facilitating widespread adoption.

MOST-VR interface

MOST-VR Services


Installed Sites

Scientific validation


Authié, C. N., Poujade, M., Talebi, A., Defer, A., Zenouda, A., Coen, C., Mohand-Said, S., Chaumet-Riffaud, P., Audo, I., & Sahel, J.-A. (2024). Development and validation of a novel mobility test for rod-cone dystrophies, from reality to virtual reality. American Journal of Ophthalmology, S0002939423002799.

Sahel, J.-A., Grieve, K., Pagot, C., Authié, C., Mohand-Said, S., Paques, M., Audo, I., Becker, K., Chaumet-Riffaud, A.-E., Azoulay, L., Gutman, E., Léveillard, T., Zeitz, C., Picaud, S., Dalkara, D., & Marazova, K. (2021). Assessing Photoreceptor Status in Retinal Dystrophies: From High-Resolution Imaging to Functional Vision. American Journal of Ophthalmology, 230, 12–47.

Book section

Chung, D., Authié, C., & Blouin, L. (2023). Mobility Testing and Other Performance-Based Assessments of Functional Vision in Patients with Inherited Retinal Disease. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine, a041299.


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Authié, C. N., Poujade, M., Talebi, A., Defer, A., Zenouda, A., Coen, C., Zhang, Y., Sahel, J.-A., Saddek, M.-S., Chaumet-Riffaud, P., & Audo, I. (2022). Development and validation of a mobility test for Inherited Retinal Disease in real and virtual conditions – preliminary results. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci.63


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