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Driving simulator

The simulator allows the participant to be immersed in a realistic and controlled experimental environment


  • Design of original test scenarios
  • Analysis of visual behavior and strategies during driving
  • Development and evaluation of driver assistance system interfaces dedicated to visual impairment

Extra benefits

  • Development of flexible and customized scenarios
  • Analysis of objective driver and vehicle data
  • Portable driving simulator
  • Evaluation of the impact of visual-attentional deficits
  • Measurement of head and gaze movements with SMI glasses and Optitrack sensors



Behavioral study of glaucoma patients. Our results show that patients exhibit unsafe driving behaviors, despite their driving and eye-scanning compensations.

Publication : Adrian et al., 2022Driving behavior and visual compensation in glaucoma patients: Evaluation on a driving simulatorClin Exp Ophthalmol.


Study of the effect of impaired vision on race car driving, where drivers were tested in a simulator under various degraded visual conditions.

Publication : Adrian et al., 2019, Implications of monocular vision for racing drivers. PLOS ONE, 14(12), e0226308.


Development and evaluation of a driving assistance interface (blind spot detector) for early visual deficits occurring during aging.

Publication : Adrian et al., 2017, Blind Spot Warning Interface Adapted to Older Drivers with Early Stage Visual Impairment25th Enhanced Safety of Vehicles Conference.