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Low-vision assessment

Realization of visual assessments and evaluation of visual function


  • Complete exploration of the participants’ vision
  • Qualified personnel to perform the examinations (optometrist and orthoptist)

Extra benefits

  • Pluridisciplinarity
  • Proximity to the 15-20 hospital
  • High-performance measuring equipment


  • ETDRS scale for near and distance visual acuity
  • Pelli Robson scale for contrast vision
  • Autorefractometer and boxes of corrective lenses
  • Frontofocometer and refractor to measure the power of correction necessary to compensate for the eye’s refractive errors, in order to prescribe glasses or contact lenses adapted to each patient
  • Octopus 900 visual field with kinetic and static visual field
  • Metrovision: adaptometry, contrast sensitivity curve, glare test, visual acuity, …
  • OCT-SLO OPKO OTI device allowing to realize OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) and microperimetry
  • Canon retinograph to image the retina to help diagnose and monitor ocular conditions
  • Other orthoptic tests: color vision tests, prism bars, stereoscopic vision test

Our participants

Streetlab has a contact base of more than 700 visually impaired participants and more than 1100 sighted participants. In addition, some participants suffering from various ocular pathologies are recruited via the 15-20 hospital, which is located near the Vision Institute and Streetlab’s facility.

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