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Streetlab presents its new functional vision assessment tool MOST-VR, at ARVO 2022

Streetlab, a company developing novel behavioral tests to measure functional vision in eye disease, announced today that it presented a poster at the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) 2022 Annual Meeting. More details on the presentation are available below:

Poster Presentation: Development and validation of a mobility test for Inherited Retinal Disease in real and virtual conditions – preliminary results.

Presenter: Colas Authié, scientific project manager at Streetlab

Abstract: Although Inherited Retinal Disease (IRD) are well characterized in terms of anatomical and functional progression, their impact on patients’ daily lives is often poorly understood and lacks standardized measures as performance-based outcomes (PerfO) evaluating the performance in daily-life tasks, such as orientation and mobility. We developed a new mobility test in real (IRL) and virtual (VR) conditions and performed a prospective, interventional non-invasive, longitudinal study (test-retest) to compare the performance of IRD patients and healthy participants in both conditions (IRL v.s. VR). The locomotion test has excellent reproducibility and high agreement between IRL and VR conditions. Additional data are awaited to confirm these results, and measure sensitivity to change, which will determine its interest in monitoring the progression of a retinal disease and assessing the efficacy of new treatments.


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